Over the Top Pets

Pets living life over the top and helping to raise money for charity.

About us

My name is Jenny Waters, and I live in eastern Washington. I make digital art showing pets living “over the top” – having a lot of fun in some surprising ways. The goal is to enjoy something lighthearted and fun while also raising money to help kids and pets. Please show my pet portraits to your kids & grandkids – I hope they get a laugh!

I’ll be sharing some of the over the top pet portraits I’ve made. Soon, I’ll also need your help. I’ll be asking for pictures of your pets that you’d like me to use as inspiration for one of my over the top pet portraits. There’s no charge for a portrait; if your picture is chosen, I just ask that you consider making a small donation to charity. I’ve chosen a few that will help both kids and pets, and I’ll let you know when I have the links ready (as well as how to send in your pet pictures).

I hope your day is over the top!

Thank you, Jenny